Saturday, January 14, 2017

What I learnt from Steve not Steve Jobs

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A couple of years ago, some of my friends and I were in Mumbai, India. One of these friends had just bought a new car and he was excited about it. He wanted to take us on a ride. Largely to show his new car I would guess. He is also the kind who would go into the most glamorous store, dream about how he would choose the best product in that store and walk out of the store, of course buying exactly nothing.

So, he got into his car along with us of course, put his seat belt sunglasses on, played a rock song on the custom music system and headed to one of the newly constructed malls. Learning a lot of features about the car and the custom features installed just for my friend, we reached the mall.

Strolling in the mall, we came across a Bose showroom. "Lets go and have a look. What say guys?" the enthusiastic one insisted and rest of us followed.

I don't clearly remember the name of the guy who greeted us, lets call him Steve. After the last post, that's what came to my mind first. Informing us that he is there to assist us if anything needed he let us go on our own.

After looking at all the wonderful and grossly out of budget products from Bose, while we were about to leave, I witnessed something that would teach me a key business principle and change my opinion for Bose forever.

Steve: Sir, we have a demo for the best product form Bose and I would like you to see it.

     All of us in chorus: Well, no. Its Okay.

Steve: Why not? It will take only 10 minutes or so and you would enjoy it.

     Someone among us: No, Really its Okay! We won't be able to buy it anyway.

Steve: That's okay sir, not today, but may be tomorrow you will.

     All of us in chorus again: Okay.

We listened to the demo of a home theatre system from Bose that would roughly cost about $5000 or INR 3,00,000. A product that would probably suit a room that matches its standards. A product that we would probably not buy in our life time. (At least not me. And definitely I am not going to under estimate my friends. Rather I wish they buy such a system if they wish to). We thanked Steve for a wonderful demo of the product and we left the store.

"Treat the customer with dignity and respect, even if he or she chooses not to do business with you. Finish Strong!" -  Shep Hyken

I think Steve justified the above quote and even went an extra mile in doing that as none of us were existing customers and probably did not even show any signs of remotely thinking of becoming one ever or probably he was simply trying to finish his target. I crossed that later thought intentionally because I would like to think that the farmer is true and is one of the real keys to success.

What this whole incident has done is that it has put a permanent mark on my mind saying out loud: Bose is great!! If you ever get so much money, don't think twice and go buy a Bose product.

Okay, but what was in it for Steve? Steve must have inherently felt good after we left happily. More importantly, he has created a tiny source of positive vibrations for him for the rest of his life. And in doing so, he could not stop himself from helping Bose leave a lasting impression.

On that note I would like to finish this post.

As usual, comments/appreciation/criticism (a constructive one of course) everything is most welcome and appreciated.

Until then,
Happy Learning!
Banyan Bat

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